An eternal love

Love. Love is too great to not experience in full. Give me an eternal love A soul shaking love Deeper than the ocean love A real love

About Us

With Love Dija is a brand that encourages you to do everything with love. All products are made in house, by humans. We believe vibes are transferable so we only create and package up your love when our vibes are good. Community is important to us, as such a portion of our proceeds benefit Khelin's Promise, a non profit founded by our owner.


REuse REcycle REpurpose RElove

Finished the glass vessel your product came in? Save it and bring it back to us for a discount off of your next purchase, but only if they aren’t broken.. Don’t live locally? We will send you a prepaid shipping label once you’ve collected a few to get a discount off of your next purchase.

what stores to find us in

just follow the dot

325 Morse Street NE
Washington DC 20002

10 District Square SW
Washington DC 20024

1304 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington DC 20007

1401 Pennsylvania Avenue SE Washington DC

How Our Customers Feel About Us


The quality of the fabrics were great, and we can all appreciate the edgy selection words that give the clothes personality. WLD is a brand for fearless living


I have brought several shirts and they are all good quality. You don't have to worry about shrinkage or holes after washing.


The candles I bought were Nag Champa and Wreath Me Baby. They are very fragrant and long lasting. Wreath Me Baby is my favorite holiday scent.

We ❤️ Black and Brown owned businesses


After years of working in the restaurant industry and exploring cuisine around the globe, Regina developed a passion for bringing people together over food. While she believes the unifying power of a great meal is unmatched, she realized it was the flavor of the meal that was remembered.

As a result, Regina founded FARM + MUSE. A woman owned tea and spice company headquartered in Washington, DC. With a curated collection of nature-approved blends, Regina is on a mission to connect people with food in a vibrant, fun and delicious way.

Check FARM + MUSE out on IG